Regardless of the level of participation (youth, high school, or collegiate), track and field is an expensive sport to partake in; however, in terms of direct out-of-pocket expenses for parents, the youth level is arguably the most expensive. These expenses do not solely impact the parents. Oftentimes, many youth clubs, led by their coaches and administrative staffs, conduct multiple fundraising campaigns in an effort to generate yearly operating budgets.

Recognizing this, Speed Capital is committed to providing direct financial support to our participating clubs to the tune of $6,500.00 per invitational. In the spirit of financial transparency, 33% of the expenses in our operating budget (per location) is comprised of funding designated to club donations and scholarships ($9,500.00). Essentially, participation at a Speed Capital Invitational is not only an outstanding athletic experience but a fundraising endeavor as well.  

Donations are NOT based on club performance. Teams will be entered into a selection pool based on their total amount of registered athletes, and winners will be randomly selected. The specific amount designated to each club is outlined on the meet schedule for each location.

If our organization’s vision is in alignment with yours, we encourage you to lend a hand financially by donating, you can do so here: Click Here To Donate To Speed Capital