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The Speed Capital Commission was founded in 2019 by Luke Robinson and Jonathan Terry. The organization is committed to enhancing the youth athletics experience from an event/performance perspective, educating practitioners on the importance of balancing academics & athletics. We continue to provide our members a worldwide platform capable of showcasing track & field athletes ranging from the youth, high school, collegiate & professional levels. One of our primary missions is to assist athletes as they transition between the aforementioned levels.

The Speed Capital Invitationals commenced in 2021 with the inaugural “Speed Capital Central Invitational”. Since then, the events has garnered national attention for the caliber of competition, athlete centric approach, and the outstanding awards system which includes customized medals, apparel, club donations, and scholarships.

Speed Capital retains a steadfast devotion to the Parents, Athletes, Coaches and Coaches that makes up its P.A.C.C. Membership and will continue our mission and vision of developing strategic programming to meet or exceed their needs.

Through the use of various athletic platforms, and in conjunction with our Parent, Athletes, Coaches and Clubs (P.A.C.C), Speed Capital is committed to the overall development of youth athletes; academic, athletic, behavioral and social development rank atop our list. The ultimate objective is to maximize on our unique opportunity to teach our youth skills and positive attributes that will aid them for a lifetime.



Speed Capital’s Vision is to build a framework to support lifetime values that promote and nurture integrity, pride, loyalty, and overall character within our communities. Using key pillars of Excellence, Faith, Integrity, Leadership, Service, Humility, Passion, Innovation, Unity, Responsibility and Gratitude as the base of the services and programs we develop and the events we produce.