About Us

Speed Capital is an organization dedicated to the parents, athletes, coaches, and clubs (P.A.C.C.) of youth track and field. In service to these individuals, our team of subject matter experts have outlined a strategy aimed at enhancing their overall track and field experience; the details of this plan will be evident on meet days and in the manner by which we recognize and showcase our participants via various digital platforms.

Primarily, our objective is to aid in the development of the proverbial ‘student-athlete’, which we will do by providing products and services geared towards giving them a competitive advantage. The ultimate goal is to aid as many athletes as possible in recognizing their dreams of competing collegiately; academic success remains at the forefront of what we do. Exceptional athletic development and performance also remains at the forefront of what we do; we have partnered with some of the best coaches and personal trainers in the country to offer our members training tutorials in areas ranging from customized warm-ups, strength and conditioning, individual event training, and more.

Members and non-members have access to this site; however, the profile creation, SC Rankings, and SC Training sections are reserved solely for members.

Here are a few key features:

  • News/Headlines: On a weekly basis, we will be providing updates from your favorite athletes and clubs from across the country. The goal of these weekly updates is to provide an avenue whereby coaches or parents can recognize their athletes for exceptional performance on the track, in the classroom, or from a behavioral development perspective. Members are encouraged to send in content they would like displayed in this section by emailing News@SpeedCapital.com
  • Athlete Profiles: The Speed Capital Athlete profile is designed to capture and archive all academics athletic accomplishments in one centralized location; athletes can add content, images, and videos to their profiles. Profile content will be updated by the creator, but the badge icons on each profile will be updated by the SC admin, which will be completed once evidence is received and confirmed. In theory, the athlete profiles should double as a recruiting portfolio by high school aged athletes, which will allow recruiters to witness the full development of the athlete from youth to high school. 
  • Coaches Profiles: For club coaches, their profiles can be primarily used to showcase their success as a coach by highlighting their club and athletes’ accomplishments. Coaches will be able to select each of their athletes registered on the website and be displayed as the point of contact for that athlete. Additionally, each coach can utilize his/her profile to recruit talented children to join their club or to provide personalized one-on-one training.
  • Rankings: We anticipate hosting between 1,200–1,500 athletes at each location; this means for the 2021 year, will host a total of 8,400–10,500 total participants. Each participant will be categorized by age, gender, and event, then ranked based on his/her performance. As the various SC Meets are conducted, participants will gain several types of rankings; prior to year’s end, each participant will have a state, regional, and national ranking.
  • Recruitment Services: Part of our mission is to assist in the development of youth runners from an academic and athletic perspective with the hope of seeing them compete collegiately. To educate athletes and parents on the recruitment protocols, we have outlined in detail the process in our ‘Recruiting Resources’ section.
  • Training Videos: This section provides our members with a wealth of training and development videos from coaches and certified trainers across the country. It offers tutorials in areas such as strength training, conditioning, warm-ups, individual event trainings, and more.

Speed Capital will become a world leader in all facets of amateur track and field, which includes competitive events, national and international exposure for our participants, athletic training and development, academic support and resources, collegiate recruiting assistance, and the development of a national database that provides a “SC National Ranking” as well as a “SC Recruiter Rating.”

Speed Capital aims to become an industry leader in all aspects of youth track and field.